• The Real Story behind tD2designs

    Why can’t there be beauty and style in the medical world? There can be!!! tD2designs will make your medical accessories appear as though they just came out of InStyle, Glamour or Vogue magazines. tD2designs will provide you with medical products that are beautiful, trendy, stylish and cool. tD2designs will give you confidence and allow people stop staring at you when you take a product out and start complimenting you for how cool it looks.
    This is where my sweet Irish/Italian Mom comes in.....
    You see, my mom recently passed away due to complications from Juvenile Diabetes.  She lived with the disease for 57yrs, fought the disease like an Olympian and remained stylish until the end.  She hated the disease (we all did), but she also despised her ugly and geriatric medical products and did something about it.  I remember at an early age she would take my sister and I over to the home of a seamstress who would make my Mom stylish (well for back in the 80s they were) suede belts with a suede pouch that held her insulin pump. This was before pagers came out, so my Mom didn't want to call attention to this pager like device hooked on her belt.  It was the first of many stylish ways my Mom would try and conceal her disease from others. More recently, she used a cane and had purchased 2 wooden canes that she had hand painted with colorful flowers to match the colors in her wardrobe. She was a very classy and stylish lady who didn’t let the disease rule her life. She created her own Diabetic style and I am inspired to do the same for you with this website. I want to hear how you create style from your disease with the products you need in your life, so email me. I am praying for a cure to all these diseases, but until that happens I want you to look beautiful and stylish with all the ‘medical accessories’ you need in your life.
    This site is dedicated to you Mom, you are my inspiration!

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